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Hans is a soldier of Nohr and a criminal who has committed a number of heinous atrocities that include murder and robbery. Lustful for achieving success in life, Hans abuses the power ceded to him in order to attain his goal. Several years prior to the events of Fates, Xander had personally arrested Hans, but the criminal was released by Garon after having supposedly "rehabilitated" in prison. Hans is a violent criminal who will go to any length, no matter how inhumane they may be, in order to realize his dream of attaining power. To this end, he relishes murder and bloodshed, a fact that is repeatedly proven through his involvement across the game's various routes. He cares little for his subordinates, willingly charging forward alongside them, but abandoning them the first instance he is outmatched. He always follows Garon's orders with a lack of remorse and is more concerned with his own self-preservation than the well-being of his comrades. Hans has earned the dislike and distrust of the Nohrian royal siblings, particularly Xander, for his lack of humanity. Likewise, Hans detests them, stating that they are another obstacle in the way of obtaining glory and relishes the thought of killing them in order to do so. When Xander and the Nohrian royals betray Iago, Hans remorselessly threatens to kill them, calling them "weak", showing he is loyal only to Garon, which leads to Hans getting his well deserved fate for his disgraceful crimes.

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