Harriet Bree

Harriet Bree
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Harriet is competitive and quick-witted in nature. This personality causes her to only be loyal to those who earn her respect, as seen with her interactions with Ruby Rose and the similarities in their Semblances. However, she is still cordial and well-mannered. Harriet also displays great confidence in her skills, bordering on arrogance. Looking down on Team RWBY's attempt to challenge the best Huntsmen in Atlas. Harriet also enjoys teasing others, particularly poking fun at Marrow Amin and his antics. She is quick to rush into action. She also appears exasperated at Nora's antics in "Pomp and Circumstance". Harriet, like other members of the Ace-Ops team, does not consider her teammates to be friends. She trusts them to do their job and to keep them alive, though she doesn't confuse work with friendship. She proves to be aggressive in nature, glaring angrily at Team RWBY once James Ironwood reveals that he knows RWBY told Robyn Hill about Amity Communications Tower and even angrily argued with Blake and Yang on their loyalty once she learned that they purposefully let Robyn escape. Later Harriet displays her stubborn side while fighting Ruby despite her attempt to deescalate tension claiming she had the group pegged since the beginning in an attempt to bury her feelings of unease due to having grown fond of Ruby and her team during their time in Atlas working and training together with the Ace Ops. Harriet, like her teammates, is also shown to be intensely loyal to General Ironwood, having been willing to follow through and support his decision to abandon Mantle and half of the overall populace of Atlas to die in Salem's attack in order to save who they could, despite her duties as a Huntress and her own conscience telling her otherwise and later was willing to attack and forcibly arrest Team RWBY with excessive force despite having grown close to the girls due to having been ordered by the General.

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