Haruka Shinomiya

Haruka Shinomiya
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篠宮 遥
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Haruka Shinomiya (篠宮 遥, Shinomiya Haruka) is a supporting female character in the Unlimited Fafnir series. She is the homeroom teacher of Brynhildr Class and the battle commander of Midgard during emergencies, holding the rank of Colonel. She is also a former D, as well as the former student body president and the former captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad. Haruka is portrayed as a young woman in her twenties with long black hair tied in a ponytail and hazel eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a black suit and skirt with a white shirt and a blue tie. Haruka has been shown to care very much for her students and Ds in general, having joined the Dragon Subjugation Squad as a student in order to prove that Ds are beneficial to humanity and not monsters. During times of crisis, she always remains calm and collected when giving orders and is a charismatic leader. She has also shown the capability to make difficult decisions, such as the time when she ordered Mitsuki Mononobe to kill her sister, Miyako Shinomiya, who had transformed into a Dragon, or when she allowed NIFL troops to land on Midgard in order to execute Iris Freyja during the Leviathan crisis so that no other D would have to be burdened by the responsibility. Because of her attitude and talent, she is admired by most of her students. Haruka can also be a bit naive, as she easily believed 'Black' Vritra's words about Yuu being a pervert. According to Miyako, Haruka hates losing and gets easily embarrassed when praised.

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