Haruka Husbando

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Haruka is a oni-eating tengu, the strongest of all youkai who was sealed up until recently. Kantarou Ichinomiya, having named him, became his master and friend. Haruka has the ability to control lightning and rather quick intelligence. Occasionally, such as when he is attacking oni, Haruka can transfigure into his true youkai form. His nails grow sharper and longer, his fangs grow longer and his eyes constrict. When he is not in battle, he is very quiet and tends to just sit around, contemplating things. He is often annoyed at these points by Kantarou, who wants nothing more than to be noticed by the Tengu, due to Kan's extensive amount of time put into finding him. Usually, he appears as a tall, dark-haired man with black wings that he can either hide or reveal. Haruka is also considered extremely attractive by the female population and Yoko has taught him to wield such skills in his advantage. In fact, the only one seemingly immune to his looks is Yoko, and Ibaragi. Haruka is troubled by his lack of memories, inability to eat youkai, and loss of power, which starts to affect his sense of self.

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