Hasuka Hashihara

Hasuka Hashihara
Original Name
箸原 ハス花
Romaji Name
Hasuka Hashihara
Place of Origin
Soul Society
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 24583
Like # 21994
Trash # 29566

Hasuka Hashihara is one of Ōetsu Nimaiya's assistants and bodyguards, helping him in the forging of Zanpakutō, and is a Zanpakutō Spirit. Hasuka has long blond hair, which hangs down from the back of her head in two pigtails. She wears a skirt with a bow-tie around her waist, and is well-endowed. Hasuka is very enthusiastic, loudly announcing the arrival of Ōetsu Nimaiya's bodyguards. When Ōetsu Nimaiya says it is time to begin, Hasuka, along with Mera and three other Zanpakutō spirits, leaps out and land on Nimaiya, each hitting him on a different part of his body. Afterwards, she proudly announces the arrival of Nimaiya's bodyguards. After Mera breathes fire to start the forging and Nimaiya has the Asauchi Ichigo Kurosaki chose return to sword form, Hasuka extends her hair, grabs the Asauchi, and holds it in place with her hair while Nimaiya hits it with a hammer presented to him by Tsumiko. Later, when Ichigo grabs the blade while Nimaiya is forging it, Hasuka asks what he is doing and begins to note Ichigo's hands will burn before being cut off by Nimaiya, who says it is alright.

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