Hayato Husbando

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Wind Tribe Village, Hoshido
Date of Birth
September 19th
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Hayato was born into the Wind Tribe but was orphaned when his parents passed away during his childhood. Out of respect to the memory of Hayato's parents, their old friend Fuga thereafter decided to adopt him and raise him as his own child. Owing to him being recognized as the most powerful Diviner in the Wind Tribe, Hayato thus desperately seeks to live up to his title, adopting a stiff, formal style of speech and attempting to conceal what he considers childish. As a result of this, he often comes across as being rather condescending and rude in his treatment of others, a fact that is reflected throughout a good number of supports that he shares with other characters. Hayato's snobbish attitude is, however, a mask for the adolescent form that continues to live within him, one that he accidentally makes known to the world from time to time. It is through the emergence of these childish tendencies that more dimensions to his personality can be observed. For one, Hayato possesses an innate curiosity about the world around him, easily fascinated by things that are unfamiliar to him. His supports with Azura best exemplify this, where he, in a fit of excitement, informs her of his admiration for the vastness of the world outside of the Wind Tribe. He is also known to possess a sweet tooth, one that he deems to be disgraceful; through his supports with Sakura, he initially refuses her offer to share her mochi with him, only accepting when she comes up with the idea of pretending that he is helping her to finish them if they're asked about it. Hayato has also been revealed to be an insecure person, possessing quite a few phobias that include the dark and the supernatural, one that are known to reduce him to tears due to him not being able to maintain a stable frame of mind when confronted with both. His supports with Azama is an example of this fact, where a tale that Azama shares of a ghost living in a closet is perceived to be terrifying enough to cause Hayato to break out into a peal of uncontrollable sobs. Hayato also detests appearing weak in front of others and failing to achieve success in his spellcasting. As shown in a Private Quarters conversation, Hayato is afraid of the dark. Hayato is fairly skilled as an apothecary, having numerous rare herbs and can also turn them into potions. His supports with Orochi show that he is more potent in making a healing potion and presumably a salve for tooth rot, though Orochi surpasses him in cold medicine. Hayato is said to be the one who drinks the most milk in the army.

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