Tsugumi Hazawa

Tsugumi Hazawa
Original Name
羽沢 つぐみ
Romaji Name
Hazawa Tsugumi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 7th
156.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4872
Like # 4970
Trash # 4243

Hazawa Tsugumi is a third-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and Afterglow's keyboardist. She is also the current student council president of Haneoka's student council. She is often called "Tsugu" by her friends. She helps out at her family's cafe, which Eve and Tsukushi also work at. Tsugumi has soft brown eyes and chin-length chestnut brown hair in a bob. She has a small side-swept fringe. Her casual attire is feminine with natural colors. In her initial casual wear, Tsugumi wears a cream-colored button-up cardigan which she keeps open, a brown striped dress and black tights. During winter, she wears a patterned cardigan with dark brown sleeves, a teal knee-length skirt and black tights. During summer, she wears a white T-shirt and a light blue-grayish dress with a flower pattern. She also wears two sunflower-shaped hairpins and a small brown wristwatch. Tsugumi views herself as the most normal girl in the band. She is a very hardworking and optimistic person who rarely gets discouraged, and her optimism buoys the other members' spirits. However, she can easily get flustered and tends to panic when dealing with new people. She is humble almost to a fault, as her modesty often leads her to downplay her own achievements and have difficulty being confident in her skills. She pushes the band to try different challenges, such as entering the Girls Jam concert event, and was even the one to suggest that the girls start a band in the first place.

band member bob cut brown eyes brown hair chin-length hair fair skin high school student humble keyboardist medium breasts optimistic student student council member student council president
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