He-Ro Husbando

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Ro Littlegray
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As a child, Ro Littlegray found himself a pale shadow of a prince compared to his older brother D'Are when they were being trained in swordfighting by their father, King Grayskull. During one such session, the king's castle was attacked by the Snake Men together with a their newfound ally, the Orlax of Primeria. The Orlax picked up D'Are with one of it's tentacles, causing the young boy to fall into a deep sleep immediately. Grayskull had to forge himself a new weapon before he was finally able to defeat the Orlax and cut off the limb that held his son. Unfortunately, young D'Are did not awake from his slumber. When the Orlax attacked again, a visiting hero from the future used his own sword to cut off another of the beast's tentacles. After explaining that the creature was called the Orlax, and telling young Ro to keep training with his father, the mysterious hero left with the severed limb to go back to his own time. As he grew older, He-Ro helped to fight back the Horde Invaders with his father and eventually the Sword of Power was passed down to him. As a reward for all the heroic deeds he performed during his lifetime, He-Ro was awarded a place in the Eternian heaven, Preternia, where he was allowed to spend eternity with other heroes of Eternia, many of whom carried the Sword of Power after He-Ro's time. He-Ro did not take part in the Wild Hunt with his father and other Preternian heroes. When a group of mortals visited Preternia to reforge the two halves of the Sword of Power, they were told to seek out He-Ro for advice in the Central Tower. However, He-Ro was unsure how to go about this task and it was Andra who came up with the plan to convert the entire Tower into a giant forge for Robot's use. When Prince Adam decided to return to the land of the living with a group of warriors who had come to Preternia to reforge the two halves of the Sword of Power, He-Ro was present at Grayskull Tower to bid them goodbye.

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