Helbindi Husbando

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Though Helbindi came from nothing, he rose through the ranks thanks to his talent in battle, eventually becoming a general of Múspell's army. As the Order of Heroes cross into Múspell, he faces them in battle but is eventually forced to retreat to the Fortress of Cinders, where he attempts to stop the captive Ylgr from starving herself to death. Later on, he attempts to have Ylgr transported to the castle on Surtr's orders by one of his underlings, explaining to her his own situation at the moment, only for Ylgr to deduce that Helbindi has a little sister of his own, whose name is Menja. Challenging the Order of Heroes, he finds himself defeated and forced to retreat, mentioning that Menja needs him. He is then rescued by Laegjarn, who conceals his survival from Surtr in order to assist them in battle in exchange from his and his sister's life. Thus, he's seen challenging the order of heroes numerous times until Chapter 12 when, after being defeated again, Laegjarn releases him from his service and informs him that after his loss at the Fortress, Surtr burned the slums where he grew up to make an example of him, killing everyone including Menja. In Chapter 13, he helps Ylgr and Veronica escape Surtr's castle to prevent them from being sacrificed to the Rite of Flames. After getting lost in the corridors, he orders the girls to keep going, claiming he'll catch up. In truth, this is only so that he can buy them time, as he encounters Surtr who's about to punish him for his treachery. Making a last stand against Surtr, Helbindi says his upcoming death is what he deserves. What happened to him is unknown but it's likely he died fighting Surtr.

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