Henrietta Von Penrose

Henrietta Von Penrose
Original Name
Romaji Name
Anrietta fon Penrо̄zu
Place of Origin
Republic of San Magnolia
Date of Birth
November 12th 2131
Blood Type
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Henrietta von Penrose, nicknamed Annette in the present and Rita in her childhood, is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series. She is a member of the Republic Armed Forces and later the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package. She serves in the Research Division and specializes on working on the Para-RAID system her father developed. Her involvement as the Para-RAID system's head researcher designated her as a high-priority target with the callsign of Minerva. Annette has her Celena silver hair cut at neck-length with bangs reaching her silver eyes. Her outfit on duty consists of the female Republic uniform paired with a lab coat, sometimes forgoing the blue overcoat for just the shirt. She also occasionally wears glasses. Annette is a workaholic and as a result she will often wake up late into the day. Her professional mask before the First Great Offensive hid the guilt and loneliness she felt. When it came to dropping that mask, usually only in front of Lena, Annette was equal parts sassy and earnest. She'd playfully badmouth her suitors while showing her friend genuine care. Still, she hid her frustrations with Lena's righteousness to an unhealthy degree, eventually lashing out at her. Her apathy toward the plight of the Eighty-Six was merely a defense mechanism in order to stave away the pain of betraying Shin. She recognized that joining the Strike Package was—in part—a selfish attempt at atonement, but one that did her good nonetheless. After apologizing to Shin, as well as her constant interaction with the Eighty-Six, Annette seemed to express herself more freely and be less weighed down by the sins of her childhood.

white hair white eyes blue eyes soldier uniform
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