Henry Legolant Husbando

Henry Legolant
Original Name
Romaji Name
Henri Regoranto
Appears In
Black Clover
Place of Origin
Clover Kingdom
Date of Birth
February 12th
190.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 25005
Like # 24791
Trash # 22477

Henry is a pale young man with long, untidy white hair, which is home to several birds. His attire consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt and pants. Over his shirt, he wears the Black Bull robe. While under the effects of Gordon's Curse-Worker's Neighbor spell, Henry's hair shifts into a much shorter cut. Henry is a compassionate man who cherishes his comrades greatly. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save and protect them. He also talks very slowly, much to Gauche's annoyance. Henry was born a noble, but his strange illness, which requires him to siphon magic from others, forced his family to live in a secluded house in the Common Realm. Years later, his parents left the house and never returned. After a few months alone, Henry is near death when Yami Sukehiro discovers his room and recruits him into the Black Bull squad. Over the years, Henry watches the other members in the base and comes to consider them all friends. Sometime after Asta joins the Black Bulls, Yami tells the boy about Henry. Asta introduces himself and the two become friends and hang out with each other, unbeknownst to their other squad mates.

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