Hermes Husbando

Place of Origin
Date of Birth
177.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 34534
Like # 33668
Trash # 34663

Hermes is the head of the Hermes Familia. At first glance, Hermes has a casual and playful personality. He acts casual and relaxed most of the time, presenting himself as a sociable and open God. He is a carefree God who tends to downplay his responsibilities, usually leaving them to Asfi or the rest of his Familia. According to this trait, he prefers to avoid problems and maintain a neutral position. As an entrepreneur, he has established a confidentiality policy, not revealing to anyone the merchandise that he delivers to his clients. On the other hand, he is a pervert who enjoys spying on beautiful women bathing and shares Zeus's beliefs that doing so is a man's duty just as having a harem is every man's dream. Hermes is based off of the Greek God of the same name, who is considered to be the God of Messengers or the Messenger of Gods.

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