Hibiki Otonashi

Hibiki Otonashi
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Hibiki Otonashi is a recurring character in this series. She is one of the Heroes that was summoned by the Goddess to her World. Hibiki is a young woman with long black hair and black eyes. Hibiki is said to be highly calculative and socially flexible in a way that best suits her for political positions. As a Hero and adventurer she excels at fast, close range combat and works to improve her weaknesses in long-range techniques and strategies to become a more well rounded fighter and combat leader. She tends to be biased towards positions she is born into and has difficulty acting outside of those. For example, she arrives on the hyuman side of the hyuman-demon conflict and under the influence of the Goddess, thus views positions counter to these as incorrect or less just positions. As such, she sees the demon race as simply an anti-Goddess rebellion group and believes there's no other way but to sacrifice the freedom of one side into order to achieve the greater good. Hibiki's motivation for coming into the Goddess's world was to challenge herself. In her previous world, she was born into a successful family and was talented in ways to where she never had difficulty meeting the goals and expectations of the people and positions around her. She would have lived a life where she could attain anything, and she was bored. In the Goddess's world: war, magic, other intelligent races and otherworlders -- in addition to the different social and political landscape -- challenged her. It was finally possible for her fail, even after giving it her best for the first times in her life.

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