Hibiki Sakura

Hibiki Sakura
Original Name
紗倉 ひびき
Romaji Name
Sakura Hibiki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
160.00 cm
56.10 kg
Blood Type
88.00 cm
65.00 cm
88.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 520
Like # 459
Trash # 1604

Sakura Hibiki is the main protagonist of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is a second year high-school student at Koyo Girl's Academy and a regular member of Silverman Gym. Hibiki is a tan-skinned teenage girl of average height with long blonde hair that is styled in two high ponytails with shoulder-length hair strands hanging on either side while she has bangs hanging over her forehead and green eyes. When going to the Silverman Gym, her outfit consists of a black tank top and red short shorts or red track pants with a white stripe. Hibiki is thicker in build compared to the other girls, and has some noticeable pudginess due to a combination of overeating and her sedentary lifestyle, which causes her to become insecure and seek exercise. Hibiki is a big eater who enjoys eating junk food. However, when she realizes that she gained weight and she believes she will no longer attract anyone, she decides to go to Silverman Gym to lose weight. She seems to have a great dislike for overly muscular bodies, and when she saw several men with buff bodies in the gym, she immediately wanted to leave. However, she remained in the gym when Machio Naruzo arrived. Although she initially develops a crush on him because of his good looks, she is shocked when she finds out that Machio also has a very muscular body. She has become more comfortable with bulking up and wants abs. Hibiki is the type of person who gets motivated whenever she gets avaricious.

gyaru dark skin abs muscular female tomboy
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