Hideyoshi Nagachika

Hideyoshi Nagachika
Original Name
永近 英良
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 10th
171.00 cm
58.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 2629
Like # 2751
Trash # 2115

Most of the time, Hide has a carefree attitude, always joyful and friendly, which greatly annoyed Nishio. However, Hide is actually incredibly observant and can figure things out about people in an almost Sherlock-like manner. He also becomes interested in things and works hard on them until he finds something else that interests him. Hide claims to have a habit of pretending to be a detective by putting tracking devices on suspicious people and notifying the authorities if his intuitions turn out to be right.Hide also has a very "determined" behavior. When he's set goals or decisions, he'll stick to them to the very end. He looks out for his friend Kaneki, encouraging him about many things and worrying when he doesn't return his calls. In some ways, Hide is also the opposite of Kaneki, as he is the outgoing type for festivals while Kaneki, more the introverted type, does not like these kinds of events.Though he is loud and outspoken, Hide is usually found keeping most of his concerns to himself in order to not trouble those surrounding him. Just like his best friend, Hide has a habit of placing his hand on his face when he is nervous or is lying.

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