High Elf Archer

High Elf Archer
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High Elf Archer is an adventurer who is a member of Goblin Slayer's party. She is a 2,000 year old elf, which is considered young by elven standards. High Elf Archer is a slender and tall elf with green hair that is long in the back and short in front, with two braids at the side. She has long ears that confirm her status as a High Elf. She wears a green sleeveless archer corset, shorts, a pair of uneven black gloves, knee high boots, and a hood. On adventures, she wears an additional black sleeve over her left arm. She is described as stunningly beautiful, even among elves. On several occasions, she is shown to take the immediate attention of males. She has a small bust, which she is sensitive over. Despite her great age, High Elf Archer is still quite innocent to the darker aspects of the world and has her own ideas about what an adventure involves. Her first quest with Goblin Slayer has her witness the brutal and severely-overlooked cruelty of goblins for the first time, followed by the joyless killing of them with a knife. Still, by the end of that affair, High Elf Archer promised herself to take Goblin Slayer on an adventure suited to her own standards. One of High Elf Archer's defining traits is her hot-tempered personality. Prone to outbursts, she lashes out at Goblin Slayer on more than one occasion and frequently argues with Dwarf Shaman during various adventures. This trait is usually amplified whenever she drinks alcohol, which she has a low tolerance to and so she tries to avoid drinking.

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