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Hilda is a major villain from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the wife of Duke Bloom of Friege, the daughter-in-law of Reptor, the mother of Ishtar and Ishtore, a sister-in-law to Tailtiu and Ethnia, an aunt to Arthur, Tine, Amid and Linda, and a descendant of the Velthomer royal family. Hilda is introduced as the wife of Bloom and the dictator/queen of Miletos. While outwardly loyal to Bloom, it is also implied that Hilda married Bloom for the money and power she could obtain. Despite sharing familial ties with Tailtiu, Ethnia, Tine and Linda, Hilda absolutely despises them all. This leads to her abusing them, causing Tailtiu/Ethnia to succumb to the mental torture they sustained. This is implied to be rooted in Hilda's enjoyment in inflicting suffering. She also willingly supports the Child Hunts, orders Ridale to kill escaping children, and hopes for Ishtar to wed Julius as soon as possible, all for her own selfish gains. She is thus said to not possess a soul, as her actions are both cruel and merciless. Hilda will ultimately be slain by Seliph's liberation army in the final chapter of the game.

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