Hilma Cygnaeus

Hilma Cygnaeus
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Hiruma Shiguneusu
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Hilma Cygnaeus is the leader of the drug trade department of the criminal organization, Eight Fingers. Hilma is described as a woman with sickly pale skin who wears white clothing. She has a snake tattoo that crawls down her right arm starting from her shoulder blades and holds a pipe that gives off poisonous, purple fumes. She also wears purple mascara and lipstick, and thin garments that gave her the decadent aura of a high-class prostitute. However, after being tortured by Kyouhukou, she was traumatized and would later lose the ability to eat solid food which caused her to become extremely thin, she now looks like an old lady rather than a "high-class prostitute." Hilma was actually proud of being a high-class prostitute and used those skills of hers to blackmail the nobles along with other people in power to the service of Eight Fingers. After Hilma was interrogated by Kyouhukou, she has reverted into a miserable woman who has become mentally broken and in constant despair from the punishments she has suffered, simply asking about her experiences causes her to feel sick. She would go so far as to betray her comrades in Eight Fingers and has become utterly subservient to Nazarick. Ironically, Hilma's experiences of being tortured and put to work under Nazarick actually made her a much more humble person and more empathetic towards the suffering of others. This was the case when Hilma was able to actually empathize with others who have gone through similar suffering as herself. Due to this torturous turn of events that had happened to her alongside them, she now sees her fellow Eight Fingers executives as no longer rivals or potential enemies. Rather, she considers her colleagues as actual comrades and friends in arms instead of rivals, leading Hilma to become much less brutal, manipulative, and cruel to her subordinates. Hilma's sudden change in demeanor actually shocked Christopher Olson on how understanding she was during his meeting with her and the other leaders of Eight Fingers, a way of thinking in stark contrast to her previous behavior. Upon actually meeting the Sorcerer King, Hilma came to become genuinely loyal to him due to seeing how respectful and rational minded he was in comparison to his servants who simply enjoyed tormenting humans. This made Hilma admire him and consider him a merciful leader who would treat her immensely well if she does well in her tasks, thus making her more motivated to accomplish her work with a new zeal. Hilma herself has shown to have now seemingly developed the same religious faith the NPC's of Nazarick have towards Ainz.

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