Himari Azuma

Himari Azuma
Original Name
東 日万凛
Romaji Name
Azuma Himari
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 28th
159.00 cm
Blood Type
83.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 9825
Like # 8657
Trash # 23207

Himari Azuma is the youngest daughter of the Azuma Family, viewed as a failure compared to her other more talented older sisters. She soon became a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 7th Divison earning the position of Vice Chief. She is a slender fair-skinned young woman a year older than Yuuki, with long dark sea-green hair reaching her back tied in a bow on the back of her head with long bangs brushed to the right side of her head and amber eyes. Most of the time, she is seen to be dressed in the Anti-Demon Corps' uniform, consisting of a navy blue short-sleeved unit, a red belt, and high-heel boots that reach her thighs. Himari was introduced as being aloof and who was distrustful of Yuuki during their initial encounter, because he was merely a man, treating him as being inferior compared to the 7th Unit and treating him as a slave, even believe he should be grateful that he was there. She has great pride in herself, her powers, and the 7th Unit members more so towards Kyouka who she admires. Although she is hostile towards Yuuki, viewing him as nothing more than a slave, she does admit that he is a highly capable individual in and out of combat. But, Himari is the first person who attacks him whenever he gets caught in various perverse situations, albeit accidental such as seeing them naked in the bath or getting dressed. Because of her harsh childhood, she is hardworking, as such, she often trains alongside Kyouka most of the time in combat training and honing her Peach Blessing. She never slacks off in any of her responsibilities or disobeying orders, berating others for doing so instead. However, she can be hot-blooded in and out of combat herself, viewed as one of the misfits among the 7th Unit. Because of all this, Himari can be easily embarrassed and angry if her abilities or training is put into question, especially her older sister, Yachiho Azuma, for her weakness. Her greatest desire is to become a Hero similar to Yuuki, but Himari wants to become like Kyouka and make up for everything she couldn't accomplish in comparison to her sisters. Himari can also be easily flustered as during her upcoming battle against Yachiho, she decided to use Yuuki as her Slave, after realizing the "rewards" that she would need to give him, she became embarrassed because they were naughty. But, at the same time, during this training, she started viewing Yuuki more in a positive light and started viewing him more as a comrade and friend. It has been hinted that Himari might have also gained some hidden feelings for him as she shared her first kiss with him, which wasn't apart of the reward he was given.

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