Himiko Yumeno

Himiko Yumeno
Original Name
夢野 秘密子
Romaji Name
Yumeno Himiko
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 3rd
150.00 cm
39.00 kg
Blood Type
68.00 cm
Popularity # 1142
Like # 1201
Trash # 855

Himiko Yumeno is a student in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant of the Killing School Semester featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Her title is the Ultimate Magician; however she claims her "true", unofficial title is the Ultimate Mage. Himiko has pale skin, reddish-brown eyes, and chin-length red hair. Her most notable trait is her black "witch hat", with a red strip around the middle of it, a small pin on the cloth. She also has a quite short stature and round face, giving her quite a young appearance. The right corners of her upper lips are slightly curled up, and her eyes are lazily lidded, reflecting how easily tired she gets. She also wears brown medieval boots with white ribbons tied around her ankles, dark brown tights, and a red pleated bubble skirt. Around her shoulders is a black blazer with grey accents, with a grey blouse underneath a brown sweater vest. On the pocket of her blazer is an insignia of her previous high school, and gold buttons adorn her blazer. Some of her hair is hidden underneath the witch hat she wears on her head. She also wears a hairpin on the right side of her bangs, which resembles a blue gem. The same similar gems appear as cufflinks on her sleeves. In the prologue, Himiko wears a white sailor blouse with green lining and a red bow, a grey cardigan, a pleated blue skirt, white socks, and black loafers. Regarding her talent, thanks to her master's teachings, Himiko truly considers and believes her parlor tricks to be real magic. This is why she prefers to be called a mage instead of a magician. However, she is only seen doing rather ordinary things like hand techniques and making doves appear. She gets annoyed if people tell her magic isn't real, causing her to repeat that it is over and over again. During various situations, she tends to claim that she could use her magic to fix the problem, but she says she doesn't have enough MP. She also tends to take the credit in multiple situations, claiming it all happened thanks to her magic. Fitting her mage theme, she also uses a very notable outdated way of speaking, though this is not included in the English version. While all of this can make her appear self-centered, she has actually explained that one of the biggest reasons why she likes being a "mage" is to make her audience happy and smile, especially children. While she has a "to the max" side as a magician, Himiko also has a very lazy side and finds putting in the maximum effort to be too much trouble. She constantly calls things tiresome and appears disinterested in things other than magic, refusing to do several things because it's "such a pain". She also struggles to communicate her feelings to others, claiming that talking wears her out and generally appears to be spaced out. While she is occasionally anxious to the point of severe trembling and stuttering, there are also moments when she just appears mildly annoyed during horrible situations and doesn't seem to fully realize what is happening. She is also notably childish, taking pride in things like brushing her teeth or going to the bathroom by herself, and constantly talks about her magic or other completely irrelevant topics during inappropriate moments. At one point, the other students agree that she would be incapable of creating a very complex plan, as Maki points out that she is "a bit slow". Because of all of this, she has difficulties connecting with others, and her overall behavior seems to suggest that she may have some form of disorder. Even though it often cannot be seen from the outside, she does feel strongly on the inside and suffers from terrible fear during the killing game. Her personality conflicts with the complete opposite of Tenko Chabashira's, who tires out Himiko very quickly with her extreme personality, causing her to tell her to stop and leave her alone rather rudely and bluntly at times. It's implied that she doesn't really dislike Tenko, and simply finds the situation overwhelming. Feeling as if she has no one to turn to, Himiko is easily convinced to worship Atua by Angie Yonaga, with her using this faith as an escapism against the terrible situation she is in. She appears to turn much more peaceful, but also refuses to face the reality and even begins to suppress emotions such as anger, and lets Angie's Atua make all the decisions. After the deaths of both Angie and Tenko, she was shocked at first and later began to act very depressed after the other students accused her of being their potential murderer. She appeared passively suicidal, saying she doesn't care anymore and life itself is a pain after losing her closest friends and then being called their murderer, and told the other students they can just pick her as the culprit as she was too tired to fight back their accusations. However, after receiving encouragement from some others students and Shuichi reminding her of Tenko's advice to live life forward while expressing your emotions, Himiko brought herself out of her dark thoughts and wished to avenge Angie and Tenko with newfound determination and energy. After the killer was revealed and executed, Kokichi still pointed out that Himiko is holding back her true feelings and his harsh words caused her to finally break and cry heavily, which ultimately helped her to cope with her pain and emotions. Starting from Chapter 4, Himiko decides to change herself for better in order to survive the killing game as well as protect her friends after two of her best friends perished. After Tenko's advice about letting out her emotions, she does her best to not be lazy and becomes high spirited at times, also making herself better in communicating and bonding with the others, notably Maki Harukawa. She copied Kaito Momota's "Maki Roll" nickname for her, but always ended up being glared at by an annoyed Maki. Overall, Himiko becomes a whole new person through self-improvement and adoration for those around her. She's more openly caring, trusting, and plays huge roles in the class trials. She states that she wants nothing more than to be useful to her friends and loved ones. It's also pointed out that her facial expressions become easier for others to read. She even begins to act more physically active, like occasionally running when it isn't necessary, which quickly makes her tired since she is not used to it. She is even a little less fixated on magic, being willing to admit that some things didn't happen because of her magic and had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, the concept is still very close to her, as she says that she'll always be a dreamer. Himiko is also shown to be a bit self-conscious about her shortness and small chest, which is why she often gets annoyed when Tenko keeps calling her "small and cute" during the earlier chapters. She is also conscious about her face, possibly because Miu and Kokichi repeatedly call her ugly. She also humorously occasionally assumes that some other students have a romantic interest in her, though she seems to be a bit uncomfortable if the other person is a girl, bluntly asking them if "they're playing for the other team" as seen with Kaede and Tenko. She apparently likes "handsome men", as she considers the god Atua to be a one, and she can occasionally say something surprisingly suggestive about the matter. She also has a humorous tendency to blush from her own compliments. She has an interest in romance and soap operas, as she is shown to be genuinely interested in and entertained by Monotaro and Monophanie's drama in Chapter 4. She also appears to be quite gullible and easily tricked if a boy claims to have an interest in her, as she blushes and genuinely seems to believe Kokichi when he at one point claims to like her, likely as a joke. The other students are even shown to be defensive of her and tell Kokichi to stop playing with her heart. In the original Japanese, Himiko usually called people that she respects with a usual suffix "よ/yo" and ended her sentence with "-ja." She also refers herself as "Uchi/うち/ウチ", a pronoun used where a person was talking on behalf of their family, company, etc. It is also used by women in the Kansai region and the island of Kyushu.

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