Hinako Ninomiya

Hinako Ninomiya
Original Name
にのみや ひなこ Teach Miss Hinako
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Ranma 1/2
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Hinako Ninomiya (二ノ宮 ひな子 Ninomiya Hinako?) is Ranma Saotome's scatterbrained English teacher. The first part of her name, "Hina", means "young bird", while "ko" is a common feminine name ending, usually meaning "child", from the word kodomo. "Ninomiya" is broken down into "two princesses," which is a reference to her adult and child forms.Hinako's adult form as a tall, shapely woman is what she would likely have looked like had she not been sickly as a child, although her child form is more reflective of her true emotional and psychological age. In both forms she has long dark hair (medium brown in the anime) She wears clothing that allows her to alternate between both forms, although when she transforms into an adult it becomes more form-fitting and accentuates her figure.Hinako's personality is as variable as her form, shifting between two very different states. In her child form, she acts mostly like a small child would. She talks in a high-pitched voice, craves ice cream and similar junk foods, watches anime on TV (Doraemon is her favorite) and generally acts very spastic, childish, and immature. Despite this, she still has a strong commitment to being a teacher and feels very responsible for her students. In her adult form Hinako acts like an elegant, confident, and somewhat vain adult woman, and is more effective in her disciplining methods because of her forceful personality, gorgeous figure and her tendency to drain and blast people who disobey her. While she is mainly well intentioned and righteous, and can be gentle, she also seems to have a more vindictive side as an adult, actually enjoying the punishment that she deals out. Her adult form is also quite sensuous and sexual in appearance. Because of this, Hinako is not afraid to use it to her advantage to take control of the situation when dealing with male delinquents. However, she retains some of her childish traits. In either form she enjoys sweets, attractions, toys and video games, eats like a slob, and doesn't properly take care of her apartment. Hinako is quite forgetful, even overlooking to bring her wallet into a restaurant, or getting side-tracked from her original reason to visit the Tendo household once she became enamoured with Soun. She can sometimes lack good judgement, once deciding to help Akane learn to swim without knowing the basics herself. She is also quite weak for what she perceives as very manly and upright grown men who are kind to her. The longer a period she stays in an adult state, the more her energetic and irrational childish personality makes itself known. Hinako is obsessed with enforcing discipline and justice at Furinkan, and she will do so at any moment if she feels someone is being a delinquent. Her primary target in this endeavor has been Ranma, whom she wishes to take care of so that everyone else will fall in line. Even so, her dedication to teaching also means she wants him to succeed in her classes, and has made an effort to help him with his studies. They did also team up against Principal Kuno after his abusive methods of discipline made him seem like a delinquent to her.

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