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Hinoka is a major playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. The second eldest child of the Hoshidan royal siblings, Hinoka is one of the princesses of the country, commanding the loyalty of Azama and Setsuna as her personal retainers. Though born a princess, Hinoka's personality is nothing typical of one. Serious, determined, and unsophisticated, Hinoka has the spirit of a natural warrior and valiantly charges into battle with utter fearlessness and courage. This spirit of Hinoka's is strongly complemented by her passionate sense of patriotism, one that compels her to personally take up arms in order to defend her homeland and its people from coming under harm. In this regard, she has the tendency to charge headlong into battle with wild abandon, often disregarding her personal safety and the objections of others as she does so. She is known to overwork herself to the point of exhaustion as shown in her support with Hinata. Ryoma and Hinoka herself note that in the past, she was much more shy and even a crybaby. However, Corrin's kidnapping proved to be a turning point both in her lifestyle and her personality, as their kidnapping was the source of much guilt and regret in her incapability to rescue them, being devoted into becoming a warrior for that sole reason. As a side effect, this caused her to be unintentionally yet considerably neglectful to Takumi, Sakura and Azura, not spending a lot of time with them due to her constant training, as her supports are possibly the first real bonding time she's ever had with them, causing her to be stunned and regretful when she realizes that Takumi believes she wouldn't care if he died and Sakura thinks they are not alike at all. Despite that, she cares deeply for them, with her supports with Subaki telling that, in the midst of a heavy storm where Pegasi couldn't fly, she charged into a forest to look for a lost Sakura with complete disregard for the risks involved. It is through Hinoka's adamant desire to protect others that a softer side to her personality is simultaneously revealed; she is, at the core, selflessly compassionate, where she values the lives of others more than she does her own, no matter what their social class may be. This is especially evident in her supports with Azama, where, in spite of his protests, Hinoka desperately attempts to salvage the life of a fatally wounded soldier, unreservedly demanding him to lend his healing assistance to her. In her supports with Setsuna, it reveals that she is a poor cook, though they work together and eventually make a palatable omelette at the end of their support. If she supports with Camilla, who is an accomplished seamstress, she learns to sew and knit from her. She is the most caring person in the army, knowing plenty of soldiers by name and acts with consideration towards them.

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