Hiro Toyotomi Husbando

Hiro Toyotomi
Original Name
豊臣 ヒロ
Romaji Name
Toyotomi Hiro
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 22nd
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 12219
Like # 11688
Trash # 12138

Hiro Toyotomi is the servant of Mitsunaga Oda and a member of the Shimoshina High School Public Morals Committee. Hiro is a tall, young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a maid uniform complete with large false breasts. This uniform is the only outfit he seems to wear, with the exception of his swimsuit, and a small dress shirt with shorts and suspenders in his younger years. Hiro has rather calm, reserved, and somewhat sadistic personality, mostly just doing what a maid does by serving his master Mitsunaga, who he cares about and loves deeply. This love often leads to Hiro trying to hug or kiss Mitsunaga without warning, much to the dismay of the chairman. Hiro mostly serves as a foil to Mitsunaga's stubbornness, being much more open to other ideas and expressions. He especially gets interested in showing Mitsunaga anything romantic in an attempt to get Mitsuanga to be more honest about his feelings, though these attempts tend to fall flat. Hiro isn't shown to necessarily care about the Public Morals Committee's goal, mostly being there for Mitsunaga, although he is shown to enjoy the company of Kaguya and No. 1.

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