Hiromi Higa Husbando

Hiromi Higa
Original Name
比嘉 広海
Romaji Name
Higa Hiromi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 14th
178.00 cm
73.00 kg
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Hiromi Higa, known in "S" as Shadow, is a character in the SK8 the Infinity anime series. He is an "S" skater who's known for his rowdiness and violence within the race, but who's known for his kindness and serviceability in the flower shop he works at. Hiromi is a tall and wide-set man with slightly tanned skin, noticeable muscles and defined facial features. He has a mohawk of short orange hair that he wears combed down in the center, as well as small eyes of a dark gray color. While at work, he wears a brown apron over dark blue pants and a plain cream-colored sweater where the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and a pair of pale green sneakers. While in his Shadow attire, he combs his hair up into a spiked mohawk and he wears face paint not dissimilar to that of a clown with his entire head painted white and accented around his eyes and mouth with green and purple. He wears a sleeveless black jacket with white lapels and a metal-decorated undershirt that reveals a tattoo of the letters "SD" (presumably for his skater name) on his left bicep, as well as spiked bracelets around his arms and the hems of his gloves. His pants are a similar dark gray as his undershirt, he wears metal shin guards and a purple and black cape with its lower end ripped. Hiromi lives something of a double life. During the day, he works at a florist's shop where he is kind to the customers and maintains a positive energy. He is always willing to assist his boss, no matter the task. In the evening, he participates in "S" as Lord Shadow, the self-proclaimed anti-hero of the "S" races. In contrast to his florist persona, Hiromi is arrogant and rude under the guise of Shadow, aiming to entertain the crowd with his tricks. He is shown thriving on the attention of onlookers as early as the first episode. It's no surprise that after his defeat at the hands of a rookie Langa Hasegawa, Hiromi is visibly upset as he reads the social media mocking him and supporting Langa. However, as upset as he is, he sets those emotions aside while at the florist's shop to maintain his perfect employee persona. Although he is introduced as an antagonist, Shadow gradually becomes part of the protagonists' circle as a mentor figure after he gets closer to Reki Kyan and the others. Even so, he never quits his morally dubious skating antics. Despite his outward protests, Shadow gives the younger skaters rides in his car, takes them out to eat and becomes something like an older brother figure to Miya Chinen. Shadow is also the first to warn the group about Adam, as while he himself often performs dirty tricks such as throwing firecrackers that are likely to hurt his opponent, he states that he is different from the legendary founder of "S". As a frequent participant of "S", Hiromi is familiar with Cherry Blossom and Joe, and eventually spends time with them in a group setting along with Reki, Langa and Miya. While he appears to admire both Cherry and Joe, he displays jealously over the fact that Joe is someone who has a natural charisma and can attract a woman's attention with ease. However, given his affinity toward his boss, it is likely he is envious over the fact he can't be as charismatic towards his boss like Joe is towards women in general.

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