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Yuushin is a notably handsome young man, who is extremely tall for his age (his height being 190 centimeters in the beginning of the manga, but increased to 192 centimeters). He has taupe-colored eyes, light tan skin, and dark blue hair. Because of his height, he is forced to sit at the back of the classroom and thus was thrilled when Hiyori had to sit with him since he previously had no one to sit next to him. Yuushin is a popular boy for his friendly side. Although he tends to get him and Hiyori in trouble for falling asleep or sometimes eating his lunch in class. He also jokes about their homeroom teacher's love life (or lack of one, as he points out), Mitani Miyoko. He also teases Hiyori a lot in the beginning, referring her size to that of a "chick," after learning her name. Despite his playful and teasing nature, Yuushin has shown a considerable amount of kindness - especially towards Hiyori. Despite his popularity, he has never once had a girlfriend. This changes at the end of chapter 24 in the manga when he responds to Hiyorin's feelings and asks her to be his girlfriend. As the story moves on, it's pointed out that his "friendly" nature to everyone (mainly girls) may eventually hurt Hiyori in the end.

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