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Hiryu Rin
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July 14th
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Hiryu Rin, also known as Dragon Shroud, is a Class 1-B student in U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Hiryu has lightly tanned skin and black hair, reaching roughly down to his shoulders, which he wears in a low braid. His eyes are shaped like those of a reptile, and his irises are notably small. His hero costume consists of white knee-high boots, a black bodysuit with yellow clouds across the torso and gets progressively baggier as it travels downward. He has a red belt tied around his waist with pouches on the side, a large collar across his chin, and he also wears large yellow gauntlets and a visor on his head. His outfit appears similar to a Jiangshi, his visor appears similar to the talismans commonly seen pasted on their forehead. Hiryu is willing to work with others as shown during the obstacle course when he suggested for everyone to use their Quirks together in order to clear the way through the fallen 0-point robots. It's notable that Hiryu possesses a serious demeanor when it comes to playing out his abilities into action. He is rather diligent in terms of academic abilities and Quirk functions as well.

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