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Hitoshi Sugoroku is a supporting character of the Nanbaka Web Manga and Anime. He is a guard of Nanba Prison wherein he is a low-ranking guard of building four. He is also the younger brother of Hajime Sugoroku. Differing from his older brother even in appearance, Hitoshi is a slim, effeminate man of below-average height. He has fair skin and dark red eyes, but wears colored contacts to make them light blue in color. His hair is light blond and reaches past his waist. When first introduced, he wears it loose and in ringlets; after becoming a guard of Nanba Prison, he wears it straight and with multiple blue ribbons tied near the bottom. When he first appears, he wears a blue and white, lolita-style dress decorated with bows and shawls. His fingernails are painted pink. After becoming a guard at Nanba Prison, Hitoshi wears a heavily modified version of the standard Nanba Prison guard uniform. His jacket resembles a white dress and has pink ruffles on the hem and sleeves. He wears a red belt with a heart-shaped buckle, and a large red bow beneath his collar. He wears tall, white boots decorated with multiple bows and, as a guard of building four, wears a white armband on his left arm. In contrast to his aggressive older brother, Hitoshi has a kind, warm, friendly and gentle personality. He seems to care greatly for Hajime, having become a prison guard in order to work alongside him and asking even inmates to ensure he is cared for. He seems to care little for the role between inmates and guards in general, behaving very affectionately towards dangerous prisoners, much to the disapproval of his superiors. He seems determined to help others and is highly generous, often making bento to share with both coworkers and inmates.

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