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Ho'olheyak, traversed through the course of history. She once tried to go against it, but now she decided to go with the flow. Ho'olheyak is the president of the Columbian Astrological Research Association and a member of the Maylander Historical Association as a subordinate of the mysterious Tin Man. While having peculiar Liberi feathers and Pythian tail, she actually hails from an ancient Elderly lineage, being some of the last Kukulkans. Specifically, this grants her Arts that could manipulate air and the wind, as well as enhanced physiology and a dubious connection to the stars. However, she craves to bring back the "true form" of her race in which they could harness the full power of the sky and live freely without their drastically reduced lifespans. As a result, she has been diving deep into the history of Terra which she deems could provide clues regarding her racial past and revive their lost traits. Being a manipulative woman, Ho'olheyak has been playing around with various factions to achieve her goal. Not only she has been disguising herself as a mercenary for hire, but she has also not been faithfully obeying the orders of her superiors at Maylander. During the "Project Horizon Arc," she secretly cooperates with Kristen to fulfil her space-travel dream while trying to reach the ruins of the previous civilization from which Kristen gets her technologies. As she has uncovered much of its hidden secrets through the final vision provided by Friston the "Preservator," Maylander has to spare her from punishment for her disobedience and puts her under Kal'tsit's supervision in Rhodes Island. Even though she is sometimes willing to cooperate with certain R.I. initiatives, R.I. remains suspicion on her to this day, looking to prevent her from harming the company's interests. Ho'olheyak is a minor antagonist in Dorothy's Vision, long before her introduction as an Operator in Lone Trail.

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