Homare Azuma

Homare Azuma
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Homare Azuma is a member of the Azuma Branch Family. She is a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 9th Unit. Similar to most in the Azuma Family, Homare has a feeling of being superior to others less talented than themselves, the most notable being Himari, who she used to beat and abuse, showing herself to have sadistic tendencies. This, however, doesn't appear to be limited to Himari alone as she threatened to "lop off" her sister's head after she questioned who'd beat Himari after changing her initial outfit. Most notable, Homare has shown to be have a quick temper, after Maia sealed her movements, then again after Himari brushed her arm aside and placed her fist in front of her face. It is later revealed that she had a strong animosity toward the members of the Main Family, in which is fully displayed in her interactions with her three sisters-in-law. She is also sore loser, as seen when she attempted to sneak into Yuuki’s room to seduce and steal him from Himari after they beat her as payback.

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