Hanako Honda

Hanako Honda
Original Name
Romaji Name
Honda Hanako
Appears In
Asobi Asobase
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 3092
Like # 2682
Trash # 8563

Hanako Honda is one of the main characters of Asobi Asobase series. She is Olivia's and Kasumi Nomura's classmate who is extremely energetic and often drags her two friends into her pace by playing strange games at school, which often leads the three of them in trouble. Her family is shown to have considerable wealth and/or noble connection as she is able to obtain objects upon request. She is a member of the Pastimers Club. Hanako is a 14 year old, thin and slender pale-skinned girl with butt-length black hair that is tied in twintails and brown eyes. Throughout the show, she is most often seen wearing her school uniform, though she has been seen wearing other clothes when outside of school. Hanako seems to have her own warped sense of fashion, leading her to have some questionable tastes in clothing. Hanako is a hyperactive and impulsive person who often says and does whatever comes to her mind. This often leads her to act without thinking about the consequences of her actions or be led on by someone else's lies, which more often than not causes trouble for her and her friends. She is also very competitive, which often escalates an already troublesome situation to uncontrollable proportions. Hanako's misadventures happen so often that in the Student Council's records, all the disasters that happened involving the Pastimers Club can be traced back to her. Ironically, despite being the most short-sighted of the Past-timers Club and considered dumb by her friends, Hanako is the smartest in terms of academic performance and excels significantly compared to them but her success is throttled due to her erratic behavior. Hanako cares about her friends and has sometimes shown understanding and care for their feelings, such as when she hides the fact that Olivia's armpits smell to protect her feelings. However, her chaotic nature means that she also often turns against them for the smallest things, like getting angry at them when playing a game for doing better than she is. She will look for opportunities to mess with them or win against them. She has also at times shown disregard her friends' privacy, like snooping on Kasumi Nomura's laptop which led to her finding out about her BL (Boys' Love) stories. Hanako has a very negative opinion of popular girls and deems them to be entitled and lower than she is, but this hatred is actually jealousy on her part since she secretly longs to be popular herself. She wants to do things which she perceives popular girls do, such as hanging out in Shibuya and having a boyfriend. One example of her thirst for popularity was when she joined the Tennis Club to become more popular and immediately left the club despite being actually skilled at tennis when she found out the popular girls were already popular before joining the club. Her want for a boyfriend is notable developing into a form of spite for any mention of boyfriends but despite this, she has nearly no knowledge on courtship or sexual intercourse - despite stating that she wants to marry a man and have 2 children by age 25 though she is dissuaded from this. Her lack of knowledge on love is noted when Olivia states that she wants to go on a trip with Kasumi to "kill virgins" (a slang term for scouting out potential suitors) but due to Hanako's lack of knowledge she takes the term literally. Hanako is shown to have a close relationship with her family servant Maeda going back from her childhood where she played a lot with him. Maeda would provide the growing Hanako with answers to her questions, even if it meant lying to her because he didn't want to seem ignorant. This has resulted in Hanako believing those lies to her middle-school days such as believing Shogi was a game where someone shoots lasers from their butt because Maeda told her so. She has also seemed to inherit some eccentricities because of Maeda's upbringing. As a middle-school student, she treats Maeda with less reverie (referring to Maeda as "it" on one occasion) and is more aware of his unusual behavior. However, she still relies on him from time to time and doesn't hesitate to ask Maeda for unusual favors.

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