Honoka Sawada

Honoka Sawada
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sawada Honoka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 31st
150.00 cm
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Honoka Sawada is a second-year side character who first made an appearance in Chapter 29. She is first seen stalking Izumi Miyamura, causing many people, including Kyouko Hori, to assume she has a crush on Miyamura. However, it is revealed that Hori is the person she has feelings for. Sawada has waist-length black hair with bangs in the middle of her forehead and chin-length hair strands hanging on either side of her face. She has blue eyes with a mole under her left eye, and she is noted to look very much like Izumi Miyamura. She is mainly seen in her school uniform with her shirt tucked in her skirt. Sawada is a very clingy girl towards Kyouko Hori. Due to her attachment to Hori, she often gets angry when Hori is together with Izumi Miyamura, choosing to push him away. She views Miyamura as a rival, but also as a brotherly figure. She was very close to her older brother, who passed away some years ago. She appears to have mild androphobia, often freezing up, running away, or hiding when approached by men. However, ever since she got to know Miyamura, she is slowly getting used to being around Miyamura's male friends. She is somewhat introverted, has difficulty connecting with her classmates, and is wary of Shuu Iura due to his loud, outgoing nature. She also gets scared quickly, as seen when her house creeps at night and she goes to Miyamura residence.

androphobia bangs beauty mark black hair blue eyes clingy fair skin long hair medium breasts mole phobia school uniform short stalker waist-length hair
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