Horde Prime Husbando

Horde Prime
Original Name
Anillis Kur
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Horde World
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Horde Prime is a cold, self-centered, controlling megalomaniac. His main motivation is to "bring light" to the universe by bringing it under his control, and he has no problem gloating about it. He is much less temperamental than his clone Hordak. However, he still has a temper. Hordak was "reconditioned" after Horde Prime rebuked him for his belief that the two could stand as equals. He is also enthusiastic about becoming more powerful, as seen when Catra told him that the entire planet of Etheria was a weapon. His first major appearance paints him as a narcissistic and egotist, with a genuinely sincere messianic complex. He demonstrates this by telling Glimmer that "all creatures, no matter how small, have a place in service of Horde Prime," a way of saying they matter, but are less than him. Later, he says that he does not enjoy destruction, but that 'weeds must be burned for new life to flourish' as if his actions are helping the universe. He does, though, show a form of politeness, as he addresses Glimmer as royalty, and politely bows before her. However, in no way does he do anything to mask his cruelty, parading a brainwashed Catra before Adora, calling the young girl his "child", but mere minutes later showing no hesitating to have her commit suicide. He cares about his image, calling Hordak's efforts to make an empire in his name a "botched conquest," and saying that word must not spread of it. To start with that, he implies that he would kill Glimmer, but is stopped by Catra telling him of Etheria's true nature. Despite this outwardly gentlemanly nature, he has a noted habit of placing his hand on Glimmer's shoulder and pushing her around. Horde Prime seems to be a sadist and possesses a sense of superiority grandeur over others. When he invites Catra and Glimmer to dine with him, he boasts about how the dish is a delicacy from a planet many light years away... which he destroyed. He also seems to show a great deal of pleasure in showing Glimmer images of her friends struggling in battle, and later reveals to Catra that her plan to uphold her usefulness was an utter waste. Further, when Adora and co. apprehend a Horde Clone, it goes off on a tangent about how great Prime is by listing off many increasingly grand titles. Finally, Prime likes to keep trophies of the planets he's conquered. Horde Prime has something of a god complex claiming, "Prime sees all, Prime knows all." He has declared this on many occasions.

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