Howard Phillips Lovecraft Husbando

Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Original Name
Romaji Name
Hawādo Firippusu Ravukurafuto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 20th
190.00 cm
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Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a former member of the Guild. Lovecraft superficially appears to be a tall, gaunt man with very emaciated features and dull, blank, dark gray eyes. He has dark navy, slightly wavy hair that reaches well past his waist, and is always seen pulled back so that it all falls behind him. Clothing-wise, Lovecraft wears a white dress shirt and dark gray slacks, as well as a thin black belt around his waist. He wears a long patterned tie with a design of circles and diagonal lines. He wears a pair of dark gray loafers. Over all of this, Lovecraft wears a long, dark brown trench coat with three buckles towards the middle on each side. However, the most distinguishing feature of this coat is that it is in tatters, appearing nearly shredded at the bottom of the coat and at its cuffs. When using his eldritch power, Lovecraft tends to contort his body parts, and his eyes become wider and almost blank. Moreover, he can sprout numerous tentacles dotted with suction cups and holes along their surface at random intervals. These tentacles are undefined in length, and can sprout from anywhere from his body. His true form appears as a humongous, tentacled entity with wings and a pair of glowing, seeming eyes. Lovecraft seems to hate doing jobs as he tells John Steinbeck to get over with their work since he wants to go home. He also easily dismisses when something doesn't go their way, such as when the vehicle they were in crashed, he just ignores it. He also doesn't like being the center of attention, as it makes him itch. Lovecraft appears to be a fairly odd person. For example, as he and Steinbeck were chasing after the Armed Detective Agency clerks, he is seen counting the wood grains before being told they weren't real and just wood laminate, making Lovecraft gasp in shock. However, he is also able to tell if something is a trap to lure them out, even asking Steinbeck the reason why they are going. He also appears to be always anxious. He also appears to be fairly nonchalant to battle, as he apparently fell asleep after being shot in the back by Doppo Kunikida. When approached by someone asking for entertainment, Lovecraft doesn't hesitate to show them something, though it is far from what the person expects. After the Guild war, his oddness shows itself even more. He states that since his contract with Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is null, he'll be going to sleep, and thus he walks into the ocean.

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