Hríd Husbando

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The eldest child of the Nifl royal family and the only prince among them, Hríd lived a peaceful life with his mother and sisters. When learning of Múspell's impending invasion, he starts making preparations for it, such as giving the legendary Lance of Ice Leiptr to Fjorm, believing she had the willpower necessary to wield it's true power. After the neighboring kingdom of Múspell invaded, the king Surtr killed the queen and forced the Nifl royal siblings to separate. Letting everyone believe he had perished, Hríd made his way to Múspell in secret, seeking to assassinate Surtr, only to fail repeatedly, getting burns while evading Múspellian forces. He eventually meets up with the Askran forces while escaping from an ambush, and thanks to Bruno's aid, he informs them that the only way to defeat Surtr is by cutting off the Rite of Flames so as to prevent any further resurrections. After getting ambushed again by Múspellian forces in a route supposedly unknown to them, Hríd deduces that there is a traitor within the Order of Heroes, much to the their dismay. On their way there, he informs the group that the Rite of Flames requires a kindling in the form of sacrifices to fuel his powers of resurrection, and Surtr plans to feed two girls to the flames that sustain it, one of them being Veronica. In the evening, his suspicions eventually prove true when Ylgr is revealed to be Loki after the latter attempts to cause distrust towards him. After Surtr's death by the Order of Heroes, Hríd becomes the new ruler of Nifl and creates peace between Nifl and Múspell, now ruled by Laevatein. He then reveals that like the Rite of Flames, the Rite of Frost will not take long to claim Fjorm's life, which was previously hinted at through her deteriorating health.

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