Hyouma Sagara Husbando

Hyouma Sagara
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sagara Hyōma
Place of Origin
Trifas, Romania
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Hyouma Sagara is the original Master of Assassin of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha before the contract is usurped by Reika Rikudou. His primary appearance is in the prototype short story, Fate/Apocrypha Act1: Unbirth, in which there are several differences from the final product. He is only mentioned in the final version of the Apocrypha novels and only appears in flashbacks in the manga version. Sagara Hyouma was an average Magus living in the modern era. He had ambition, but he lacked the skill. He scorned people who knew nothing of Magecraft, but he understood that he himself was a second-rate Magus worthy of scorn. He had intended to wager his life, honor and everything he had on the Great Holy Grail War to win it, making every possible preparation so that, even if he lost, he would have no regrets. He vied for the Holy Grail with such conviction that, no matter how many lives of others he had to trample over, as long as it was necessary and wouldn't be exposed, he didn't care. If it was for the Holy Grail, he would have even sold his soul to every devil there was, killed his own relatives, and trampled over happy families without hesitation and kick over people suffering in misfortune. However, Reika speculates that he actually wasn't suited for the act of killing another. Even if he had trampled over and taken away from others, he didn't have the "sincerity" to exchange life for life, and probably thought that he wouldn't win in any straight-up battle of killing. Even though he could wager his own life, he was unable to live while shouldering the lives of others, and because of that, he took an insincere attitude, and because of his insincere attitude, he showed openings.

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