Hyper Blossom

Hyper Blossom
Original Name
Romaji Name
Momoko Akatsutsumi
Place of Origin
Tokyo City
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Popularity # 8905
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Trash # 18881

Hyper Blossom is a member of the PPGZ, and a main protagonist in the show Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z. She is based on Blossom from Craig McCracken's original cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls. Her weapon is a yo-yo. She is named Momoko Akutsutsumi in the original Japanese releases. Blossom has pale skin and has orange hair which wore in a ponytail with a red bow and pink eyes. In her normal outfit, she wears a white shirt with a yellow heart on the front and has light and dark red sleeves. She wears a blue skirt and pink sneakers. Just as she is in the show, Blossom is a cheerful, slightly ditzy and a girly type. She loves sweets and action figures, and is considered to be "boy crazy." Blossom is mostly silly and usually takes breaks in a middle of a battle with her friends Bubbles and Buttercup. Despite her personality, Blossom is a lot smarter, and soon will be mature like her original counterpart. She is also a hyperactive girl, a trait that she did not share with the Blossom in the original show.

bangs ditzy japanese magical girl mahou shoujo pink eyes ponytail small breasts team leader thin eyebrows very long hair
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