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Iago is Nohr’s tactician, and is viewed as a shadow of Garon. Always eager to get into King Garon's good favor, Iago sycophantically agrees with each and every one of his opinions, even if they may be morally unsound. He excels at witchcraft, and employs foul play and manipulation in his schemes to bend others to his will. Iago is a cruel, dishonorable, uncomplimentary and manipulative schemer, showing no hesitation to employ any method he deems necessary to achieve his goals, even if they are lacking in sound morals. He is also known to be an individual of sadistic tendencies, reveling in the agony of others, especially if their suffering happens to be the result of his plans. Arrogant and egoistic to a fault, Iago believes his intelligence to be unrivaled, although this belief of his is ironically contrasted by the stark failure of the vast majority of the plans that he crafts. Iago is, ultimately, a deceitful coward who abuses power for personal gain. He is also greatly disliked by the Nohrians siblings, (mainly Leo and Xander) as they show dislike against him for showing disgrace to Nohr and attempting to have Corrin killed many times. They even defend Corrin against him when he attempts to kill Corrin for sparing Hinoka. He is personally killed by Leo in two of the three paths. His own selfish and arrogance ego would eventually lead to his downfalls in all three paths, when his plans fail and the tables are turned around and backed into a corner by his enemies, Iago will beg, whine and plea for his life to be spared without even a shred of shame, regret or dignity, but is ignored and killed for his actions, earning his comeuppance and dying as the pathetic, cowardly, heartless and disgraceful person he always was.

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