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Ignatius is the son of Benny. He can also be the brother of Male Kana or Shigure if Benny achieves an S-Support with the Female Corrin or Azura. Like other children of Fates, he was placed in the Deeprealms to protect him from the war. In his Paralogue, Ignatius leaves his Deeprealm and heads to Nohr. Along his journey, he eventually comes upon a Hoshidan village being attacked by invisible soldiers. Despite some initial fear, he musters the courage to tell some villagers to run away while he stands in between them to protect them from the invisible army. As they accept his offer, he tells them to seek help if they can find any. He clutches onto a charm that his father gave to him as a gift, giving him the strength to be brave for the sake of the village. As luck would have it, the villagers eventually stumble onto Benny. Hearing of his son's plight, Benny and the army head straight to the Village to save his son and protect the village. After a long battle, the village is safe from the invisible forces. Benny approaches his son, proud of his newfound strength. Ignatius plays down his father's compliments, saying that if not for his original rescue, he would have most likely been killed. Knowing that he still is not as strong as his father, he demands to join the army to become stronger alongside his father. Benny obliges, but tells Ignatius that he is not as brave as he thinks as he has only been in war for a short time compared to most of the other war hardened members of the army. Nevertheless, Ignatius tells his father that he wants to become a hero just like him and Benny responds that Ignatius is fine just the way he is.

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