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Igrene was born in Arcadia, a village hidden in the Nabata desert, as the daughter of the Hawkeye, the Guardian of Nabata, and an unknown mother. Igrene has an overall rather solemn, but very just and loyal personality. As the Guardian of Nabata, she takes her role very seriously, doing everything she can to protect her homeland, whether it be with her bow and arrow or through diplomacy, such as when she asks Etrurian general Douglas to not have his fellow comrades attack the village. However, outside of this demeanor, she has a very soft side to her. She is in deep pain and sorrow over the loss of her family. She holds back her emotions when talking with Fae, even though it is clear she is pained by these thoughts. However, when she tries to convince Astolfo that he is indeed her husband Gorlois, she is much more emotional about the situation, especially at its conclusion, when, after doing some research, learns that he was a spy and realizes why he disappeared. It also turns out that she was a fairly religious individual, until her husband disappeared and her daughter died. Through support conversations, it is shown that Igrene is very good friends with Sophia and Fae, since she is their sole protector. In fact, to the both of them, she acts as sort of a kind and gentle mother figure, having had a child in the past. This is especially the case with Fae, who Igrene treats much like her daughter. She speaks to and treats her much like a mother would, and they both share a very close bond, such as when Igrene scolds Fae about keeping her promises or offering to braid her hair. The same can somewhat be said for the relationship between Igrene and Sophia, as Igrene acts as a guide for Sophia, who has not been exposed to the outside world until recently.

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