Ikalgo Husbando

Original Name
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Appears In
Hunter x Hunter
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Popularity # 32386
Like # 33654
Trash # 27894

Ikalgo is an octopus-like Chimera Ant and a former Captain of Leol's Squad. After befriending Killua Zoldyck, he joins the Extermination Team in their mission to defeat the Chimera Ant King. Ikalgo is an acute observer, often strategizing before fighting an enemy. He has a strong sense of honor, preferring to die rather than betray a comrade, as observed when given these options by Killua. However, Killua's declaration that they could have been friends caused him to switch sides, and Ikalgo developed a strong attachment to the Extermination Team members and Killua, especially. This is due to Killua making Ikalgo feel validated, as he has an inferiority complex because he dislikes his appearance. In fact, Ikalgo wishes he had been born as a "cool" squid rather than an "ugly" octopus. He finds it touching that someone would call an octopus-like him a "cool guy" and so it is impossible for him to betray that kindness. In his former life as a human, Ikalgo served as an NGL soldier alongside Zaiqahal and Gyro and fought against the Chimera Ants. From his octopus component, he inherited memories of self-loathing for his appearance and a profound admiration for the beauty of squids.

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