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Ike is the central character of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and one of the main characters in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the son of Greil and Elena, as well as the older brother of Mist. He is also the fearless leader of the Greil Mercenaries and the first main character who is not of noble birth, the second being Byleth. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Ike makes another appearance as a DLC character, and is illustrated by Eiji Kaneda, the artist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. In Fire Emblem Fates, Ike comes along as an Amiibo unit; utilizing an NFC reader or a New 3DS he can be recruited by using an Ike amiibo. Throughout his games, Ike is shown to be a blunt, yet passionate person, earning others' respect and trust easily. This is especially evident with Reyson, who begins to trust Ike in Path of Radiance after long having held all beorc in contempt. Ike is also one of the few beorc who do not hold prejudice against the laguz and shares Elincia's desire to bring peace between the two races. Despite these qualities, Ike often doubted his own abilities as a leader at first, though his allies would eventually prove him otherwise. Due to having been influenced and raised on the battlefield, a key characteristic of Ike is his more adult-view of the world. Hating saying more than needs to be said, he is always stouthearted, leading some to perceive this as him acting above his actual ability. Characterized as rather naïve when he is introduced, he often takes things at face value. Said naïvete does work in his favor, as he bears no prejudice against the Laguz since he is indifferent towards their status and more concerned with their actions, whereupon he winds up gaining their trust with deeds of his own, one of which include defending Ranulf from being assaulted by a group of Beorc. This, combined with a kind and brave personality that makes him act very protective of his friends and family, eventually lead him to decide to join the side of the Laguz Alliance in the war against the Begnion Empire. Another notable thing about Ike's character is his love for food. Soren, Oscar, Titania, and Lethe all hint that he eats a lot, probably as much as the laguz, who are said to eat much more than the beorc, and Oscar and Soren say Ike particularly favors spicy meat dishes, mainly ribs and steaks. Ike also, for a while, thought little of nobles due to their pomposity, though this vision of his changes somewhat after he gets to know some nobles who break the norm, particularly Elincia. Not that it changes his mind about becoming a noble himself, as trading his lifestyle for one he judges to be too stifling is something he has very little desire of, reluctantly accepting Elincia making him a lord solely out of necessity, and quickly giving up his title once the war was over. By the time of Radiant Dawn, Ike barely has traces of the boy he once was, as he has matured and grown considerably, with people who meet him often remarking on his resemblance to his late father. Despite having played a major role in liberating Crimea from Daein, he still remains rather humble, and seeks no reward for his actions, save for the fees he charges as a mercenary. There are many women who love his distinct masculine features and personality. Aimee especially seems head-over-heels for him to the point she constantly attempts to woo him, much to his dismay. Over the course of his journey, Ike demonstrates a passion for fighting strong warriors as it gets his heart racing. This is quite evident during the revelation that the Black Knight is still alive, where Ike admits that he does not feel grief or sorrow, but only anticipation of wanting to challenge him again. Another example of this is at the epilogue when Ike expressed his desire to fight Caineghis in a one-on-one match and suggested controlled matches as a way of testing each other's strength. Despite this love for tests of strength however, Ike takes no pleasure in war and is never eager to raise a blade. As war has cost him dearly, he hopes by his efforts to keep others from losing what he has lost.

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