Ingvild Leviathan

Ingvild Leviathan
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Inguvu~irudo Reviatan
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Ingvild Leviathan is one of the descendants of the original Leviathan and the possessor of the Longinus Nereid Kyrie. She becomes the Queen of Issei Hyoudou's peerage. __Appearance__ Ingvild is a beautiful foreigner girl who appears to be in her late teens with a whimsical aura. She has long purple hair and has orange eyes. She wears a white noble dress with cleavage that expose part of her big breasts, high slits and with sleeves. She also wears a black mini skirt. After joining Issei’s peerage and becoming a student at Kuoh Academy, Ingvild now wears a female school uniform. __Personality__ Ingvild is a kind and friendly person and enjoys singing as is shown when she sings at the fountain and for Issei and his group. Ingvild is also shown to love seeing the ocean and going on beaches with her friends. Unlike her fellow members of the Leviathan clan or any other descendants of the original Satans and akin to Vali, she doesn’t have an evil heart and doesn’t wish to rule the Underworld. She quickly fell in love with Issei, as was revealed by her song in the battle against Nyx. She is even shown to be a little jealous of Issei's relationship with his harem such as when she and the other girls caught him with Akeno and Koneko, even thinking about acting like them despite considering it embarrassing. She also appears to be quiet, shy and soft-hearted. She can be very observant, remembering what Meredith said to Issei before she attacked him when the other characters were talking about Issei condition.

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