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Innsmouth is an anime-exclusive, independent villain. Innsmouth resembles a semi-anthropomorphized octopus. His head resembles the mantle of an octopus and has two ridges leading up to his eyes. Innsmouth has no nose, and his mouth is at the end of a trunk-like structure with three suction cups on each side. On either side of the trunk, there are two fully prehensile tentacles that Innsmouth uses as an extra pair of appendages. His skin is a shade of dull red and is dotted occasionally with bumps and papillae, and acts as flexible webbing between his four arms. Said arms appear to be boneless, and have a suction cup at where the deltoid would be, the elbow, and the base of the wrist. Innsmouth appears to be nothing more than a petty criminal motivated by greed. This showed that he was not afraid to take hostages and resort to underhanded tactics in order to further his own goals. Octopus: Innsmouth's Quirk gives him the physiology and natural abilities of an octopus, such as multiple tentacle-like limbs, a countless number of suction cups, the ability to spit ink from his siphon-like mouth.

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