Sajuna Inui

Sajuna Inui
Original Name
Romaji Name
Inui Sajuna
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 1st 2001
Blood Type
Submitted By
Doctor Mega
Popularity # 911
Like # 794
Trash # 2593

Sajuna Inui is a supporting character in the series that first appears in Volume 2. After seeing Wakana's first cosplay outfit online, she tracks him down to hire him to create her next cosplay outfit. She is a famous online cosplayer who goes by the name of "Juju." Sajuna possesses a petite, child-like appearance, smooth pale skin, pale pink hair, and large eyes. She wears her hair half in pigtails and half long, and her clothes are a red serafuku (sailor suit) with a yellow bow, and long black knee socks. Despite her young appearance, she is a second year in an all-girls high school. Sajuna is rather headstrong and blunt, despite her child-like appearance. She has no problem with chiding others or speaking harshly when it comes to it, and can be quick to lose her temper as well. Perhaps as a given, she dislikes being seen or referred to as a child, as seen when she first met Wakana Gojo. She is shown to take cosplaying seriously and loves dressing up as characters she adores. Despite her popularity online, Sajuna isn't interested in fame and admits that she only cosplays for herself and by herself. Her passion for cosplaying stems from her own dream of wanting to become a "magical girl", a dream that she's had since she was very young, which stemmed from pure admiration when she first saw Shion Nikaido from the Flower Princess Blaze!! series. Sajuna is willing to go to great lengths if it means getting what she's after, upon learning that Wakana was the one who tailored Marin Kitagawa's Shizuku Kuroe outfit, she followed him home to see where he lives. When Wakana clarified that he doesn't usually make cosplay outfits, Sajuna chose to blackmail him for when he walked in on her in the bathroom while she was naked, threatening to report him to the police as a pervert unless he makes an outfit for her, despite it being a genuine accident that he apologized for. Sajuna isn't always like this however, as she was rather embarrassed to admit that she had stalked Wakana home and sheepishly apologized for it. Much later, she said that he didn't have to make the Black Lily outfit for her if he didn't want to. She also paid Wakana for his work on the outfits after the cosplay session had concluded, despite him saying she didn't have to, saying that creators like him deserve being paid for their work, further showing her gratitude. It is later revealed that Sajuna was jealous over Marin's cosplay as Shizuku Kuroe, which is what led her to request an outfit from Wakana. She's aware of how petty being jealous over something is, but justifies that people only feel jealous over things that matter to them. Sajuna even goes as far as to say that seeing the outfit that Wakana had made was "love at first sight". This is why she wanted Wakana himself to make her custom Black Lily outfit, despite there being many professionals who are better than him. While blunt, Sajuna is perfectly capable of being genuinely polite and friendly, coming to get along with Wakana and Marin, and clearly caring for her younger sister, Shinju. She is shown to have a fear of thunder and scary places, but does her best to try and hide it. Furthermore, as a student attending an all-girls school, she is shown to be completely inexperienced with the opposite sex, to the point where after Wakana had grabbed her hand, she fainted from pure shock, with it being the very first time a boy of her age group had held her hand. Sajuna is shown to have reluctance in expressing how she really feels about certain things, likening her to a tsundere.

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