Shinju Inui

Shinju Inui
Original Name
Romaji Name
Inui Shinju
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 29th 2003
178.00 cm
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Popularity # 1294
Like # 1150
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Shinju Inui is the younger sister of Sajuna Inui. Despite still being in middle school, Shinju is quite tall for her age with a rather mature figure, directly opposing her older sister, who in fact looks much younger than her. Shinju has long, pale pink hair that reaches her shoulders along with light brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing her middle school uniform. In Episode 9, Shinju wearing Gojou’s white buttoned shirt. But due to her chest size was huge, the button was popped out due to reached out the limit for hooking the shirt. For her cosplay, she dons a black wig resembling Soma's haircut while having her own hair tied back. The shape of her eyes are changed with cosplay tape and she wears extended eyeliner. Her chest is bound back with a B Holder and a sarashi wrap, and she also wears shoulder pads to make her look older and more masculine. She wears Wakana's school uniform, as he points out that its very similar to the one that Soma wears. Unlike her sister, who is rather blunt and headstrong, Shinju is a timid yet kind-hearted girl. She is shown to get nervous easily, especially when meeting new people, as seen during her first meeting with Gojo and Marin. This aside, Shinju strongly admires and loves her sister, working as her cosplay photographer while also creating an online account to share her sister's work. Shinju likes the Flower Princess Blaze alongside Sajuna and Marin. Her favorite character from the series is the older brother Soma, due to his caring nature, as he reminds Shinju of her sister. Shinju is aware of her mature figure, particularly her chest, and is shown to get embarrassed about it. She also calls herself "fat" in the Japanese dub of the anime.

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