Iride Akatsuki Husbando

Iride Akatsuki
Original Name
いりで あかつき
Romaji Name
Iride Akatsuk
Appears In
The Ones Within
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 1st
170.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 22604
Like # 21766
Trash # 21944

Expert in escape games and role-playing games Iride is portrayed as a relatively nice and open-minded person who doesn't get mad easily, whether it is at something or someone. His patience—which may be on the more extreme end—has led to some members, most prominently Anya, to rely on him fairly often and/or view him as something like a brother, if not a friend. In addition to not getting mad himself, Iride also tries his best to make others around him happy, oftentimes regardless of whether he's close (if this was the case, he'd try his best to befriend the other party). In fact, if someone tells him to do something, he'll do it without much hesitation if it will make that someone happy. Despite this though, there are some occasions when he doesn't follow orders, acting based on his own beliefs instead. He is also shown to be a very calm and peaceful person, as he doesn't seem fazed when he sees monsters or other enemies. Even when somebody throws a tantrum, he seems to just let them do that, and when he's doing something himself, he tries to do it in a non-violent manner.

bangs brown hair calm fair skin gamer green eyes multicolor hair multicolour hair short hair thin eyebrows white hair
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