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“There are sins that cannot be erased, that must not be forgotten, that can never be redeemed. Human beings are sinful in their own way” Iris is a member of Celestial Tribe. Iris has an appearance of small girl having silver hair, shining like jewels, is tied together with a crimson ribbon and ruby red eyes. She looks like a doll usually shown wearing a black dress with a lot of frills. “You're different from the rest of the humans, Rein Shroud. The rest are just trash.” Hailing from the strongest race of the strongest races, Iris is an extremely powerful and fearless individual. She loathes humans and looks down on them as insects and becomes angry when some humans touches her. When killing someone, she never feels guilty as it is a natural thing for her. Though she is known for her cruelty, she is well-mannered as she graciously introduced herself to Rein and even feels gratitude towards Arios for freeing her from her seal. She agrees to the deal brought up by Arios much to her amusement. Befitting her title "Devil", she seems to enjoy devouring humans and gets ecstatic feeling hearing humans' screams and all. While she is a walking disaster, appearance-wise as a child, she acts childish and most of the time giggles just like an innocent child having fun. Iris does see Rein in a different light as he is the only one who can keep up with her deadly straightforward answers which usually ticks off others. When they first met, she jokingly confess to him and she comfortably had a conversation with him. She finds him strange and in fact like him.

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