Iris Midgar

Iris Midgar
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Airisu Midogaru
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Iris Midgar is the first princess of the Kingdom of Midgar and leader of the Crimson Order. She is a brave and diligent person, upholding her mission with seriousness. She is also headstrong as she would leap into danger. This leads many to revere her as an exemplary warrior. But despite how great of a person she is, she is not without flaws. Although she takes her task with high priority, this can be overridden by her love for sister, Alexia. She is highly protective of her sister that she will be willing to allow harsh treatment on those suspected of harm on her. Iris shows that she worries on how others see or expect of her. She is also not as smart as her younger sister which she took note of hence why she poured everything onto improving her skills. But after Shadow Garden came, her repeated failures to apprehended them took a toll on her that she became obsessed in becoming stronger.

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