Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)

Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)
Original Name
アイリスフィール (天の衣)
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
158.00 cm
52.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3464
Like # 3310
Trash # 4315

Irisviel (Dress of Heaven), Class Name Caster, is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. A graceful woman. A transient Servant who has a mother's open kindness. Irisviel is gentle, overflowing with deep affection and love. And as a matter of fact————she is brimming with curiosity more than any other. Irisviel does not hold any favortism towards anyone for she comes into contact with the Master with gentleness in the exact same way she is gentle towards someone else. Due to circumstances, she is a person who has experienced the Holy Grail War in the past, and from that standpoint, she has assumed that a sense of distance should be kept between the Servant and the Master; it is possible to say that she has a tendency to maintain that distance appropriately.

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