Isane Kotetsu

Isane Kotetsu
Original Name
虎徹 勇音
Romaji Name
Kotetsu Isane
Place of Origin
Seireitei, Soul Society
Date of Birth
August 2nd
187.00 cm
70.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 2001
Like # 2081
Trash # 1686

Isane Kotetsu is the Captain of the 4th Division and former lieutenant under Captain Retsu Unohana. Her lieutenant is her younger sister, Kiyone Kotetsu, the former 13th Division's 3rd Seat. Isane is a tall and well-endowed young looking woman with gray eyes and short messy silver hair with strands on the right side of her face that are shoulder-length and styled as two thin braids, with two more on the back of her head. She wears a thin dangling red earring on each ear and a standard Shinigami shihakushō with her lieutenant badge on her left arm. Nineteen months after Aizen's defeat, Isane's hair is cut shorter and scragglier. Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Isane's hair is now straight down and smooth, although she retains the two thin braids she had while previously serving under Unohana's service. As captain, Isane wears a typical white captain haori. Underneath, she now also wears a large white cloth belt similar to Unohana's. Isane is generally quiet, shy, and observant, with a strong sense of loyalty. She can be impatient in the face of an enemy, rushing after enemies she has no chance of defeating, including the seemingly unstoppable Sōsuke Aizen. She looks to Unohana as a mentor and mother figure. It is noted by Unohana that Isane suffers from frequent and recurring nightmares, which are often odd or whimsical in their contents. For example, she once had a nightmare involving kamaboko (a fishcake made of pureed surimi), which she intensely dislikes. Also according to Unohana, she rarely talks in a girly manner. Her favorite food, on the other hand, is porridge, to the extent that she is capable of eating it as the three main meals on the same day. When Isane has time off, she goes to see her sister Kiyone and vice-versa. They are very close sisters who enjoy meeting up and having fun together. Recently, her favorite place to hang out is the Kuchiki estate, in the "secret base of the Shinigami Women's Association". She is a notable member of the latter Association, where her meek nature occasionally gets her in trouble with group activities including getting captured alongside Nemu Kurotsuchi when attempting to take a picture of Byakuya Kuchiki. Believing that the nutrient level of porridge is very low, Isane started eating porridge when she passed 170 cm in height as she did not want to get any taller. However, she did not stop until reaching 187 cm, her height being another source of frustration for her. Once, after hearing of how sleeping helps children grow, she decides to not sleep again in order to halt her growth. During a meeting of the Shinigami Women's Association, she proposes a Denreishinki sturdy enough to not break if it is dropped from a height of 2 meters, only to be told by Nanao Ise that it is not a common problem.

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